Luciana Misi combines over 14 years of experience in design and architecture (from interior design and single-family homes, to mid-rise and high-rise), construction, land development and product design and manufacturing. Across these fields, Luciana has consistently applied her philosophy of sustainability, environmental responsibility, reduction of waste, efficient use of materials, maximization of passive systems, and a design approach that is responsive to climate, region and culture. She has lead her architecture, construction and land development practices, while co-founding an architectural products company. She started her Architectural studies in Brazil, and received her BArch from the University of Texas at Austin.


Architectural design:

single & multi-family
commercial office
urban infill
live/work design
green building (including LEED) design & consulting


economic & development feasibility study
property development
project financing
concept development

Site Development

site analysis
development feasibility studies


 - Bachelors of Architecture – University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture – 2005
 - Austin Community College, 2000 – 2001
 - Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, 1996 – 1999, 5-year Architecture Program


 - 2008 Riverview Condominiums – AIA Homes Tour – 2008
 - Vice President of Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Fall 2003 (Merit-based scholarship)
 - Ford Centennial Chair, Fall 2003 (Merit-based scholarship)
 - Brandon Shaw Memorial, Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 (Merit-based scholarship)
 - Participated in the Texas Society of Architects student design competition; was recognized for addressing site planning considerations, Fall 2002
 - Luciana’s design was selected as the model of choice for an affordable living design-build studio project in Sonora, Mexico for the indigenous Yaqui community, 2004


2006 – Present
Lamme & Misi Urban Studio, Austin, TX2006 – Present

Co-founder + Principal, Design
MINIMIS architectural products

City Bloc Development LLC, Austin, TX2002 – 2006

Sole Owner
City Bloc Development LLC, Austin, TX2002 – 2006

Sole Owner
Misi Design Services, Austin, TX2005 – 2006

Project Manager
Team Haas Architects – Austin, TX2004 – 2005

Dick Clark Architecture – Austin, TX 2001 – 2002

LZT Architects – Austin, TX1999

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill – Chicago, Illinois1998

Lohan Associates – Chicago, IL1998

AFA Arquitetos – Salvador, Bahia, Brazil1997-2000

Independent Drafting & Model Contractor
Contractor – Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


 - House of Tutors, Austin, TX (project manager)
 - South Congress Lofts, Austin, TX (intern)
 - Caswell Lofts, Austin, TX (designteam member)
 - 30th and Guadalupe, Austin, TX (design team member)
 - ARCH Resource Center for the Homeless, Austin, TX (design team member)
 - 2108 Haskell Street (design-build)
 - 42 Robert Martinez (urban-infill conceptual design)
 - 2915 Webberville (Feasibility study and concept design for a 90 unit mixed-use condominium project)
 - Pflugerville Land Plan (land development and concept design for 40 acre “New Urbanist” development)
 - 303 Nixon Drive (renovation and addition)
 - West Lake Residences (design)
 - Lost Creek Home (interior and exterior finish-out)
 - 2008 Riverview Condominiums (urban-infill design-build)
 - Bramlett residence (renovation & addition)
 - Holly Hill Condominiums (multi-family urban-infill conceptual design)
 - Hether Condominiums (urban-infill conceptual design)
 - Bank Boston, Sao Paulo, Brazil (design team)
 - Hyatt Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil (design team)
 - Govalle Affordable Co-Housing, Austin, TX (affordable urban-infill housing conceptual design)
 - Barbara Jordan Elementary School, Austin, TX (project management)
 - Austin Community College Northridge building, Austin, TX (project management)
 - 2108 Haskell Street, Austin, TX (design-build)
 - 42 Robert Martinez, Austin, TX (urban-infill conceptual design)
 - 2915 Webberville, Austin, TX (Feasibility study and concept design for a 90 unit mixed-use condominium project)
 - 303 Nixon Drive, Austin, TX (renovation and addition)
 - Lost Creek Home, Austin, TX (interior and exterior finish-out)
 - 2008 Riverview Condominiums, Austin, TX (urban-infill design-build)
 - Holly Hill Condominiums, Austin, TX (multi-family urban-infill conceptual design)
 - Hether Condominiums, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)
 - 701 Zennia, Austin, TX (urban-infill conceptual design)
 - Wa’a St., Hawaii, Austin, TX (residential design design)
 - 2800 Crest, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)
 - 2802 Crest, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)
 - 2808 W 44th, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)
 - 2809 Crest, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)
 - 2811 Crest, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)
 - 501 51st, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)
 - 5305 Martin, Austin, TX (urban-infill design)