Architecture and the Site

LAMME MISI Urban Studio believes that architecture is very much site-specific – a product of many variables within the city such as cultures, socio-economic potentials, politics, social beliefs, geography, geology, topography et al.; the client is also a product of these variables. We chose Austin as the locale, as it is currently undergoing a lot of exciting developments – a source of tremendous opportunity. We believe that working closely with the clients while having a great understanding of the city’s needs and challenges, our projects become highly successful from both clients’ and citizens’ perspectives.


The Architect is a Facilitator

The role of the architect is to represent the clients’ interests and materialize them into a built form. By this token, the architect is a facilitator, a visionary who is able to interpret and express the clients’ ideals. In addition, the architect is the leader of a project, responsible for the successful end-product through effective coordination of the team through conception, production, and construction administration.


Urban Infill Vs. Sprawl

There are plenty of good sites in the city’s core that are being under-utilized. New initiatives by the city planners promote density in different parts of the city – a smart move because it ultimately optimizes the use of the city’s resources, protects productive farm land from sprawling developments, and most importantly begins to revitalize the city’s urban core.


Sustainability & Green Architecture

Sustainable architecture is not a new concept; it is innate to the basic pre-modern architectural principals: building orientation on the site to optimize/diminish solar exposure, amount of natural light, natural ventilation and use of proper materials for the climate. The architect has the capability to manipulate these principles to enhance the design. The advent of industrialization, modernization of mechanical systems and availability of cheap fuel have led us to become spoiled by how these systems can affect the inhabitation of buildings and have made us deeply reliant on these systems for decades. However, a social consciousness of energy scarcity is translating itself into arch-itecture that motivates professionals to design based on those old principles. Such tenets are the first simple steps to Green Arch-itecture, coupled with the use of materials that have incorporated sustainable methods in their fabrication.


How We Work

LAMME MISI Urban Studio works with ‘walk-in’ clients as well as taking leadership in developing speculative projects in Austin’s growing urban core, such as residential, mixed-use, and light commercial. For both approaches, we form teams of talented and respected professionals to produce projects that have a lasting impression in our city.